Why You Love Us

You love us, because we love you and we're a positive influence in the community!  Our programs and initiatives don't just help young skateboarders become better skaters, with your support our programs help young athletes become better citizens.  It's true -- a kid in sports is a kid out of the courts!  For the kids in our programs, skateboarding is more than just their sport.  We are also great for the local economy.  The skate tourism dollars that were generated in the past 18 months from people participating in our events and traveling to Colorado Springs to skate the only vert ramp in a four-state area brought more than $300,000.00 to the Springs economy.

And because we are part of a larger community, our efforts don't just focus on skateboarding.  In response to the Waldo Canyon fire we raised $1,000 to help reforest the burn scar and then helped plant more than 1,200 saplings.  Our annual Deck the Ramps event provides hundreds of pounds of food for the Colorado Springs Rescue Mission.  We rally around other community efforts like Clean up the Parks and Helmets in Hands - efforts aimed at preventing brain injuries by promoting the use of helmets.

So every dollar you donate comes back to the community in a number of ways.  Choose to be a part of Sk8-Strong and make a donation today. Good karma will follow you throughout the year.  We promise!*

* Sk8-Strong cannot be held accountable for pre-existing Brobdingnagian negative balances in the karma 
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